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Meet LaToya Santos

LaToya is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Professional Makeup Artist and Beauty Photographer, currently pursuing her artistry and photography career in Connecticut. At a very early age, she developed a passion for all things art and would spend most of her days sculpting, sketching and drawing everything. She developed her creativity young, and it has flourished into her adult years.  

In 2010, LaToya graduated from Brio Academy of Cosmetology, and very quickly started her dream job working for Sephora. Hired as a seasonal cashier, LaToya worked extremely hard to grow within the company. She was promoted immediately to a permanent makeup artist position. Through this position, she was able to gain the hands on knowledge, education, skill level and experience needed to work with all skin types, skin tones, and complexions. 

LaToya has skilled training working for reputable brands such as; M.A.C Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila, Smashbox, Giorgio Armani, YSL and CARGO. LaToya has also worked with many talented photographers and agency represented models from; Wilhelmina, New York models, Ford models, LA models, JAG models and Maggie, Inc. Her work as has also been published in Elegant Magazine, Faddy Magazine and Fruk Magazine, and featured on 

LaToya would describe her signature artistry as enhancing a canvas. She holds true to the art of makeup and enhancing the beauty in everyone. Her artistry looks are clean, but precise. Giving definition to every part of the facial structure. 

Very recently, LaToya has taken her skill of artistry to the next level by capturing the looks she creates. Her passion for beauty photography started at the mid point of her career, and now she's working towards expanding her portfolio with this very dream. Specializing in clean beauty, with the end goal for beauty photography being, to specialize in makeup campaigns and beauty lines. LaToya has spent many years investing, learning, educating and growing in her career and she believes now, this is just the beginning.

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Instagram: @LaToyaSantosBeauty